About Us

As a family owned and operated business, there’s nothing more important to us than keeping our customers connected with family and friends.

That’s why at Table Top we strive to continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible, upgrading our network and advancing our products to give our community the best experience. We are constantly investing in our infrastructure to provide a network that’s optimized for today’s modern technology so you can stay connected.

Table Top operates out of Ajo, Arizona. Locally, thirty employees serve approximately 4,000 subscriber lines in six rural communities across Arizona.

Table Top’s parent company, Ponderosa, has corporate offices located in O’Neals, California in the heart of the Sierra foothills. Our eighty employees serve over 10,000 homes and businesses in rural communities from the southern California desert to the central California high Sierra; approximately 4,000 square miles from sea level to mountainous elevations.

“I rely on Table Top to run my business every day. Without reliable internet, I could not open my doors. Table Top has yet to fail me.”

JANINE ANDREWS, Table Top Customer