Auto-Pay Terms and Conditions

The regular monthly deduction from the designated account at your financial institution (“Bank”) and any other Auto-Pay deduction will include all charges billed on your Table Top statement including but not limited to Basic Service, Optional Calling Features, Internet Service, Cablevision Service, Table Top Long Distance toll charges, and other services you may add in the future, plus any applicable taxes, fees and surcharges. If there are insufficient funds in the account to cover the deduction, you will still be obligated to pay and will also be assessed a payment-declined (returned check) charge of $25.00. In this event, the Auto-Pay service may be suspended, and you will be responsible for making your payment to our Business Office in Ajo on or before the final date to pay, in order to avoid a possible interruption of telephone service. Please refer to the reverse side of the first page of your monthly billing statement for further terms regarding Rendering and Payment of Bills.

Table Top is not liable for any losses incurred by reason of any failure in the automated deduction process. You agree to maintain sufficient available funds in the account on the business day of and just prior to each Deduction Date to cover the amount of the deduction. You are responsible for any fees that may be imposed by the Bank. If your account is not current at any time, or after up to (3) consecutive unsuccessful attempts to process a deduction or (6) such attempts in any 12 month period, Table Top may suspend the Auto-Pay deduction service from your bank account, and you will be responsible for making payments directly. You may terminate your authorization for Auto-Pay deductions by notifying Table Top. Table Top will send reasonable notice if it suspends or terminates the Auto-Pay service. Following the effective date of any suspension or termination of Auto-Pay service by you or Table Top, you will be responsible for making your payments directly and in a timely manner. These terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time by Table Top upon reasonable notice to you. By signing and returning the Enrollment Form, you agree to these Terms and Conditions and the other provisions of the Enrollment Form.

PLEASE BE SURE TO CONTINUE TO PAY YOUR TABLE TOP BILL DIRECTLY until you receive a billing statement that includes a special message informing you that your account has been set up to be paid automatically by the Auto-Pay service. The regular monthly automatic payment will be deducted on the 10th business day of each month.

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