DPS Service Promise to Advertisers

Directory Publishing Solutions (DPS)
Toll-Free: 1.866.221.4300

We are excited to be working with DPS for our directory, and we are confident that you will find the DPS sales personnel professional and easy to do business with.

You may call the phone number above to request a sales contact at any point throughout the year, and expect a call back within 48 hours. Place your yellow page ad today!

Sales Contact

  1. Professional courtesy at every contact
  2. Advance letter will be mailed to every existing advertiser, sent one week prior to the beginning of the sales canvass
  3. Existing advertisers will be assigned a sales contact who will initiate up to 5 proactive calls during the canvass period by phone, letter, email or in person
  4. Expect a return call to your message within 24-48 business hours

Add Agreement and Proofs

  1. You will receive a proof of your ads, chargeable amount and listing information within 4 weeks of signing the advertising agreement;
  2. We send these via email if an email address is on file, or fax if a fax number is provided
  3. Deadlines for customer to approve/return proof is shown on the advertising confirmation;
  4. Customer is given at least 2 weeks to make changes; if we do not hear from the customer, we follow up by phone or email

Contact Approval

Contract approval will be a recorded authorization process, or will require a signature